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End of Year Activities - First, Second & Third Years

17th June 2013

Spanish students Bea and Patricia with the Irish flag signed by their classmates.

Second Years Trip

Before they finished up for the year, our second year students had an outing to Youghal with their Year Head, Mrs. Lucey and tutors. Spanish student, Patricia Fernandez wrote this account of the day.

We came to school as on a normal day, but some things had changed, we didn’t wear uniforms and we were excited!

I was especially excited because, in the morning, when I got up and opened my blinds, lots of sunrays hit my face. It was lovely! The sky was so blue and the few clouds were really white and fluffy|! It was going to be the best day ever!

We went into our first class, computers or geography. Then, at 9.45 we got into the bus for a 25-30 minute trip. For me it seemed way shorter.

We stopped at a blue and white building called Perks. It didn’t look good outside but inside was amazing! We did Lazer Tag, and we went bowling. In Lazer tag, they killed me about a thousand times and in bowling I came second last but it didn’t really matter as I was having so much fun! Then we had lunch and played video games. The best one was bungy jumping; I didn’t do it but it looked fun and sore at the same time!

At about 2o’clock we went to the beach; everybody took off their shoes and socks and went to paddle in the sea. Some girls had brought a ball and when they were playing with it, the wind blew it and brought it out to sea. It was too far to get it so they had to let it go. We went walking, listening to music and taking pictures. That was the best part. It was such fun! At least for me!

But all good things end sometime so the time to get back to the bus arrived, it was so warm in there. And then, back home! And that’s how one of my best days in Ireland happened!

I know all her classmates will miss both Patricia and Bea, as will the staff. We hope to see them back in the future.

First Year Trip

The first years also had their day out with Year Head Ms. O’Shea and tutors and two students wrote this account of their expedition.

Ard Scoil First Year Class

An Adventure Never to be Forgotten

On Friday, May 24th, the Ard Scoil first year girls went on an adventurous trip to the Blackwater Outdoor Activity Centre in Castletownroche in Co. Cork.

We went zip-lining, rock climbing and did team building. We also had a history lesson, an archery lesson and a go on a giant swing.

The zip-line was about 10 feet high and 500 long; a lot of girls were afraid to go on it but by the time came to take the plunge, most of the girls had faced their fears with a bit of encouragement from Mrs. Simons. We must thank her, because if it wasn’t for her we would have missed out on the experience.

The rock climbing was tough but we got through it in the end. The Team Building was a good way to learn how to work together as a team. The history lesson was interesting; we went into the castle and learned about Lady Catherine Roche.

There was a giant swing that was scary but we all had a go.

We would like to thank our Year Head Ms. O’Shea and our tutors for bringing us. Thank you very much for such an adventurous day!

Chloe Morrissey and Lydia Troy

Toeing the line - The First Years Get an Archery Lesson

Third Years

Ard Scoil 3rd Year Class

Following morning classes on Wednesday, May 29th, the third year students gathered in the lunch room for a delicious lunch catered by Robbie’s Kitchen. The girls had time to chat while enjoying this delicious meal and their teacher had an opportunity to meet them in a less formal setting than their classrooms! They presented their |Year head Mrs. Dennehy and tutors with gifts before they headed over to tidy their 3rd year rooms for the last time!

At 20’clock all went to the convent, where the Mercy sisters greeted us and showed us into the chapel for Mass which was celebrated by our chaplain FR. John Harris.

It was a beautiful ceremony and Fr. Harris thanked Mr. Lucey, her musicians and singers and all those who read; Maggie Halley, Ellen Curran, Maeve Power, Louise Conway, Michaela Moran, Heather Duff-White, Michaela Lally, Maire Fennell, Hannah Warren, Jammie Mulcahy, Ailin Power, Nicole Ferncombe, Gill Montgomery, Aisling Curran and Erika Crotty.

Following the Mass the girls exchanged “KK” presents before they headed off in their separate ways until meeting up on first day of the exams.

Thank you to Year Head Mrs. Dennehy for organising such a pleasant occasion, to the girls , to Fr. Harris and to the Mercy sisters for their welcome into their home.



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