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Drugs Awareness Policy 2015/2016

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Towards a Healthy School

Title:    This policy on Drug Awareness is

  • in keeping with the spirit of Ard Scoil na nDéise as defined in the Mission Statement in the school.
  • in keeping with the ethos of Ard Scoil na nDéise as a caring school
  • as recommended in Action 43 of the National Drugs Strategy 2001-2008
  • part of the School Development Plan

This policy should be read in conjunction with the School’s Code of Behaviour and the School’s Health & Safety Statement.


This policy applies to students, staff, visitors to the school, people using the school facilities.  It applies:

  • during school hours, including breaks and lunchtime
  • to all school-related activities and trips
  • while school premises are being used.

Categories of Drugs covered by this Policy:

The categories of drugs that are to be covered in this policy are

  • Legal Drugs – these include but are not restricted to tobacco, e-cigarettes, nicotine products, alcohol, solvents, prescription and over the counter drugs.
  • Illegal Drugs – all illegal drugs.

Definition of a Drug:  Any substance, other than food, which changes the way the body functions physically, mentally or emotionally.


Rationale:   In today’s world, young people are exposed to the wide misuse of drugs.

The purpose of this policy is

  • to educate all school users – parents, pupils and staff – about and protect them from the dangers that drugs pose;
  • to clarify the rights and responsibilities of pupils, staff, parents and management in relation to the use of drugs;
  • to facilitate fair and equitable treatment in all cases;
  • to facilitate compliance with the law.

Goals of the Policy:

We, in Ard Scoil na nDéise, are committed to

  • encouraging healthy living
  • providing a safe environment for all who work in and use the school
  • the proper use of prescribed drugs
  • creating an awareness of drug related issues for students, staff and parents.

Contents of the Policy:

  • All members of the school community are expected to refrain from using illegal drugs.
  • All members of the school community should be aware of the dangers inherent in legal and illegal drugs.
  • Medication may be used as prescribed on school property, i.e. anywhere within the boundaries of the school (See Appendix II).
  • Medication may be used as prescribed on school related activities or during school trips (See Appendix II).
  • Over the counter medication should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and with great care.

Drug Education

Drug Awareness Education will be part of SPHE course for each of the three years up to Junior Cert.  However, it is to be desired that this important topic be dealt with in all years of the school and dealt with in a cross-curricular way in other subjects.


Drug education will be provided for staff and parents on an ongoing basis.  Drug education can be provided for school staff by the Drug Education Officer from the HSE and Parenting Programme:  “Family Communication and Self Esteem” can be provided by a Community Drug Worker if requested.


Drug Related Incidents (See Appendix I)

The school is committed to applying fair and considered responses to Drug Related Incidents in the school.


Tobacco smoking incidents and incidents involving alcohol will be dealt with in accordance with the School’s Code of Behaviour.


The School will stipulate a Code of Behaviour which will apply during School Tours.


Drug Related Incidents, involving illegal drugs, MUST be reported immediately to the School Principal who will contact parents/guardians without delay.  The Principal will immediately contact the Gardai where there is a Drug Related Incident involving illegal drugs.


If illegal drugs (or substances suspected of being illegal) are found they shall be kept by the Principal or someone responsible designated by the Principal in a secure place until the arrival of the Gardai and then handed over to them.


Drug Related Incidents will be dealt with under the Code of Behaviour and will be punishable by a range of sanctions which may include detention, fines, suspension and expulsion.


In dealing with Drug Related Incidents, the school will be attentive to the rights and needs of the individual, the good of the general student body, the duties of the school and the common good.  Where appropriate, help will be sought from other agencies, e.g. Juvenile Liaison Officers, counselling services, HSE, etc.


A written record shall be made of all Drug Related Incidents and shall be kept on file for 7 years.  Students and their parents are entitled to view their own files.


Science Laboratory materials and cleaning agents (solvents) shall be stored safely and carefully.


Because of the gravity of the matter, students will be told that information regarding Drugs and/or Drug Related Incidents cannot be regarded as confidential and must be passed on to the Principal.


The Board recognises that the use of alcohol may be necessary in specific circumstances

(e.g. in Science and Home Economics)


Statement of Health

At their daughter’s enrolment, Parents will be required to complete a Statement of Health form (see Appendix II) in respect of every student attending Ard Scoil na nDéise.  They will be asked to inform the school of medical conditions requiring the use of prescribed medication.  Forms duly completed and signed by parents will be returned to the school and kept on file.


Success Criteria

  • The training programmes have been implemented
  • The Drug Education component of the SPHE syllabus has been delivered to all the students.


While Ard Scoil na nDéise has made every effort to make this policy as understandable as possible for all, the school cannot be held responsible for any misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the foregoing.  If any person is unclear about all or any of the provisions of this policy they are asked to seek clarification from school personnel as soon as possible.


This Drugs Awareness Policy for Ard Scoil na nDéise was first adopted at a Meeting of the Board of Management on 9th February, 2004, to come into effect on  1st March, 2004.


This updated policy was adopted by the Board of Management at its meeting on Tuesday 31st March 2009.


The policy was reviewed and amended by the Board of Management on Tuesday, 10th November, 2015


Signed: ________________________                                             Date: 10th November, 2015

               Mrs Angela Conway, Chairperson.







A drug related incident is one involving the abuse, misuse, possession and/or distribution of drugs that occurs in the school or during school functions, outings or any incident that may be deemed damaging to the health and welfare of the students concerned or to other students or to the policy or reputation of the school.



The term “Parents” includes natural parents, foster or step parents or any person having guardianship of the student(s) concerned or any person acting instead of a parent on a temporary basis for the time being at the date of an abuse incident in question.



The Principal means the Principal for the time being as appointed by the school and as defined in the Education and Welfare Act 2000, and for the purposes of this policy also includes the Deputy Principal, where the Principal is not available or has delegated to the Deputy Principal or another designated teacher where the Principal and Deputy Principal are unavailable.



The school is the Buildings and the School Property bordered by the school boundary.


                                                                                                                        APPENDIX II

Drug Awareness Policy – Ard Scoil na nDéise



We are committed to caring for all the students of Ard Scoil na nDéise.  We invite all parents and students to be familiar with our Drugs Awareness Policy.


You are asked to inform the school of any health condition(s) which would affect your daughter’s full participation in the life of the school.  Such information, of course, will only be disclosed on a need to know basis.


Does the student (name)_________________________have a medical condition of which the school should be made aware?             Yes                                        No     


Please state below any health condition(s) of which, in your opinion, the school should be aware.




Please indicate if and how this health condition/these health conditions will affect your daughter’s full participation in school life and activities.





Has medication been prescribed for this condition

Is it to be taken during school hours?

If it is to be taken during school hours, please name the prescribed medication









Apart from the above stated condition(s) there are no other health conditions to which I wish to draw the school’s attention.


If there is a change in the students’ health status during the school year or in subsequent years, it is essential that parents inform the school without delay and complete a new Statement of Health Form.


It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that students are aware of the correct dosage and recommended frequency of medication.  Student should only bring the required daily dosage with them to school.


This form, duly completed and signed, must be returned to school office.



______________________                                        __________________________

Student’s Name.                                                          Parent/Guardian Signature.



This form must be completed and signed whether or not there is a medical condition

Download Drugs Awareness Policy as a Word Document   / .PDF format



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